The Beckoning and the Escapades (2008)

A long-running choreographic work for art galleries

In The Beckoning and the Escapades two performers move through a looped series of everyday and convivial interactions. Each time a spectator enters the performance an element of framing – prop, music, lighting or costume – is introduced, and when that same spectator leaves the same element is removed. As a result the movement of spectators creates an ebb and flow of the performance environment, causing the performers’ basic exchanges to be read through a range of interpretations, narratives and emotional experience. The Beckoning and the Escapades is a work whose exact form cannot be predicted but that promises to shift through an assortment of affective states.

The Beckoning and the Escapades has been shown at Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham (part of Nottdance 2011 and Dance4 presents Jan 2010); Déda, Derby (part of Quake 2009); and Laban, London.


Concept/Choreography: Nicola Conibere / Collaborators: Taylan Halici, Tim Jeeves, Theron Schmidt (Performers/Choreography)