Do-Re-Me (2014)

A duet for art galleries and other places: unspecified duration

In Do-Re-Me two figures, wrapped around each other and within swathes of fabric, negotiate a path through a given place. As fragmented limbs flail and reach for movement, the integrity of the body’s form is continually destabilised and transformed. The mass is both intensely familiar and strange: a simple shift of an arm can change its appearance from that of two distinct bodies to a seemingly impossible combination of limbs. Its performers’ physically enmeshed actions constantly provoke shifts in relation between people, material and place without resolution.

Do-Re-Me has been shown at Hayward Gallery, London; The courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts, London (Part of Block Universe); presented by NNContemporary, Northampton; and Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, presented by Dance4.


Concept/Choreography: Nicola Conibere / Collaborators: Luke Birch, Neil Callaghan, Katye Coe, Augusto Corrieri, Helka Kaski, Ben McEwen, Stephanie McMann (performers), Lucille Acevedo-Jones (costume)

Photos: Michael Brzezinski / Sylvain Deleu