Count Two (2010)

A group work for six performers, for theatre, 35mins

Count Two sees six performers playfully depict a series of recognisable actions and images within a shifting spectacular framework. Through the replication, repetition and re-categorisation of these moments, the piece quietly unsettles the values we might associate with them and with the bodies that make them. Count Two light-heartedly manipulates the mechanics of theatrical display to invite viewers to recognise their active role of interpretation in a dynamic process of evoking and changing meaning.

Count Two is supported by Arts Council England.

Count Two has been presented at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London (part of DancEUnion 2011); Laban Theatre, London (2010); Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham (2010); The Place, London (2010)


Concept/Choreography: Nicola Conibere / Collaborators: Gerard Bell, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Taylan Halici, Antje Hildebrandt, Tim Jeeves, Helka Kaski, Elena Koukoli, Steffi Sachsenmaier (Performers/Choreography), Mamoru Iriguchi (Design)

Photos: Guy Bell