Count One (2009)

A group work for four performers, for theatre, 30mins

In Count One a playful accumulative structure organises moments of exchange and interaction between four performers. Graduating from everyday gestures to actions of display, the repetition of these episodes invites audiences to become familiar with and recognise variations in the evolving material and its possible translations. The episodes progress to embrace elements of theatrical spectacle, inviting an array of relationships and meanings to come in and out of effect - a lively evolutionary journey from handshake to costume and lights.

Count One has been shown at the Royal Opera House, London (part of ROH2 Firsts09); National Theatre Studios, London (part of the SPILL Festival of Live Art and Performance’s National Platform 2009); Siobhan Davies Studios, London (part of What Now curated by Independent Dance); The Place, London (part of Resolution! 2009)


Concept/Choreography: Nicola Conibere / Collaborators: Taylan Halici, Helka Kaski, Florence Peake, Theron Schmidt (Performers/Choreography)